Golf Glove Reviews Before You Buy

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If you haven’t ever played golf, it might seem odd that nearly every serious golf player goes out there with those funny fingerless gloves. What on earth are they trying to protect their hands from, when it’s nice and sunny out there? Well, if you swung a hundred practice swings together every time you went out to practice, you’d know why you needed them – you would end up with painfully calloused hands if you didn’t have hand protection. Let’s get right to our golf glove reviews.

You certainly will find plenty of golf glove reviews out there. Not many will try to do a shootout with several different brands and models to show you how they compare. The models we see below, the FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove at $17, the TaylorMade Men’s Targa at $14 and the FootJoy WeatherSof at $10 are all more or less the same price range. They are only different in one area – the kind of materials used to make them. That makes a lot of difference to how comfortable and useful a glove is.

The $15 StaSof glove is manufactured out of cabretta leather, and is capable of a superior fit. Most golfers who love the way a perfectly fitting glove makes it spectacularly easy for them to get a great grip on their golf club handle and really communicate with it, swear by this model. Not only is the StaSof model better made and better fitting than any other, it can last far longer than probably any other model you’ve ever tried.

Of course, using an all-leather glove can be a bit of a problem in that it can give you sweaty hands. For this reason, many golfers try to choose something like the TaylorMade Men’s Targa that’s a combination of leather and breathable synthetics. The leather, used where it is needed, is the supersoft and grippy cabretta, that you’ve seen on the StaSof. Elsewhere, they use something that they call antimicrobial fabric. Most online golf glove reviews rave about this combination of materials.

And finally, the FootJoy WeatherSof at $10 apiece is a great favorite with those who are kind of prone to losing track of where they leave their gloves. It’s made of microfiber all over, and this can be a material that gives you a great tight grip when new. After a while though, it does tend to wear out of and it will be time for a new pair.