Choosing The Best Golf Club Set For Beginners

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Any experienced golfer will tell you that one important element to playing golf well is finding the best golf club set. For the most part, finding the best set of clubs to buy and which is just right for your game is how you go about influencing your golf game from the get-go.

To put it simply, you’ll know whether you have the right set of clubs depending on whether you’re spending more time on the green or in the rough.

So, it bodes well that you don’t try and impress your golfing buddies by buying the most expensive equipment but, rather, do your homework by looking for the right set of clubs when you visit the sporting store next.

So, here are a few tips (as there are several factors) that you can take into consideration when choosing the best set of golf clubs for you:

Tip #1: As a beginner, what you will have difficulty is getting both the distance and accuracy of your shot just right, so it’s important that the primary focus will be on getting a set of clubs that will focus on accuracy first. Once the ball begins to go in the right direction with consistency, then you can begin to think about hitting the ball to greater distances, with greater accuracy.

Tip #2: Considering the economy we live in, watching how much you spend on these clubs is just as important. It’s probably not the best idea to purchase tailor-made clubs right away as opposed to looking for discount golf equipment at stores or even pre-owned golf clubs. In fact, if you’ve spent $ 250 on a set of clubs, experts say that you’ve most probably overdone it.

Yes, less is more, particularly when it comes to golf. At least when you’re starting out, anyway.

Tip #3: Most beginners don’t know how to ‘swing’ yet and is another reason why your approach to buying the best set of clubs should be those that fit your strength and general when standing to hit the ball. Also, since your accuracy might not be good as a beginner, it’s a good idea to look for oversized, perimeter-weighted clubs – the type that experts are ‘forgiving’.

Tip #4: Since the ‘irons’ are the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag, focus on getting the best irons possible for beginners. Usually, golf pros use forged irons to control the trajectory of the ball but since you’re not playing in the big leagues just yet, cast irons are the best for beginners.

The reason for this is because the ‘sweet spot’ on the club face is much larger, and which means that you will make far more contact with the ball than with the aforementioned type of irons that the pros use.

Better still, if you’re able to afford a few more dollars, then you can go for golf club with a titanium head instead, as they are also perfect for beginner, with a larger sweet spot as well.

Tip #5: Finally, another factor that could be considered when buying the best golf club sets will depend on whether you have a lower or higher swing speed. For lower speeds, graphite is perfect, and what’s more – they’re lighter too. As for higher swing speeds, steel clubs are good for accuracy as they heavier and stiffer.