Choosing Golf Clothes

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There are some golf courses out there that have no dress code, but those are few and far between. A very casual course that has poor upkeep and predictable layouts may very well be owned just for the average golfer to get some practice time in, but these are not the courses anyone that loves golf will frequent. If you want to play at any of the great public or private courses near you, or anywhere else for that matter, you have to have the right golf clothes. You can get these at any sporting store and online, but know what to get before you start.

You will not see many men playing golf in shorts at a pricy golf course. Some do, but they are very choosy about the shorts that they wear. Instead, many find pants from a golf store that are made just for golf. These are often different than your typical pants because they are made from a light weight and breezy material that not only looks good, but that also keeps the golfer cool and allows them to move more freely. Many slacks can be constricting when trying to swing a club. Golf clothes like these can be pricy, but very worth it.

Women don’t have to wear slacks for golf clothes. They can wear skirts, which seems to be the choice of many professional golfers. They are dressier than shorts and also give women the room to move that they need while on the golf course. Shorts are often acceptable on women, however. Some women do wear slacks, but these golf clothes made for women are a bit harder to find. You can find some that you like though, but just keep searching until you find something you like. You may even find something in a regular store that works, as long as it fits the bill.

Some choose golf clothes for the top of the body with greater ease because there are many more options. Some people both male and female choose to wear polo tops. Some people make fun of these as being nothing more than a t-shirt with a collar, but they do look better than a typical t-shirt and fit right in on the golf course. There are other golf clothes for both sexes that you can find through sports retailers made with thin materials that keep the body cool while still being up with the dress code at most golf courses.

There are other particulars for golf clothes that are more about dress code than anything else. It may be taboo to go out on the course without socks, even if you have the right shoes. You should find out what shoes are okay and what ones are not, as each course has a different set of requirements. Just like everything else in golf, there are usually strict rules and guidelines about golf clothes. Golf has always been a traditional sport and many traditions are still alive today, though some have a modern twist. Dress accordingly.